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Instructions for The Big Show and Another Big Show

Another Big Show is now available for download. It's an all new set of animations. These new animations were created to generate a new larger show (The Super Big Show) for the uC32 ChipKit. But so that you can still see these new animations on the UNO32, this is a download of just the new ones and still fits on the UNO32. Like The_Big_Show Version 2, Another_Big_Show lets you switch to music mode when you see the text "PRESS BUTTON FOR MUSIC. . . ." at startup.

The Big Show (version 2) is the work of David Yee and integrates SuperTech-It's music module into the original Big Show (Version 1).  To switch to music mode, simply hit the music mode button at startup when text is scolling "PRESS BUTTON FOR MUSIC. . . ." For more information on the music module and its use, see template Version 4 instructions. To see the original Big Show, simply let it run, and the Big Show will begin.

The Big Show (Version 1) is simply a compilation of all the animations we've done in all the various versions of my RGB 8x8x8 Cube App Template. It is built on the Version 7 template, so everything is there from Version 7, but also all the animations from previous versions. Like every version since Version 4, The Big Show contains all the subroutines and support functions for the music module, but they are not currently active in the main loop.

The Big Show consists of 30 animations, plus scrolling text. If you just want a good way to show off your cube, this should be it! It lasts about 14 minutes before repeating.

The Big Show uses 121K bytes out of the possible 128K bytes of program memory on the Chipkit UNO32. RAM space is also an issue in trying to put this many animations in one application, mainly because, in the earlier versions of my templates, I was a little careless about keeping global variables to a minimum. But with a little cleanup, everything seems to work.

One other comment regarding RAM space. In Version 7, we switched to a max sprite object size of 6x6x6. This means that our spites tend to be big consumers of RAM. In Version 7 and the Big Show, only 8 spites can exist at the same time, due to RAM space limitations. See Supplimentary Instructions, Item 3 for more on this.

For additional information on how everything works, please see instructions for Versions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.