Web Design - We design websites for small to medium size businesses, as well as independent professionals such as doctors and realtors. Our goal is to provide professional, high quality websites at the lowest possible cost to our customers. Every website is designed around the specific needs of the customer. We can use your existing artwork and content or create those things for you as necessary. We can set-up on line sales and other complex website functions to meet the requirements of your business.

Ongoing Site Maintenance - Websites usually need to be dynamic and to reflect the current status of your business. Whether that means a once a year update, or monthly changes, we can maintain your site on an ongoing basis, and insure that your site is meeting the needs of your business.

Another option for maintenance is to have us set up your website like this one, using blog (web log) technology. The option allows you to do much of the site maintenance yourself, and is clearly the way to go if you want to make frequent changes to the content on your site.

Hosting Setup and Domain Name Registration - We can register a domain name for you. We can also create and set up a hosting account, which places your website on a highspeed, commercial internet server. These services are generally inexpensive, and you pay only our actual cost.

Custom Artwork - We can incorporate your own existing artwork into your website. But if you need new artwork, we can create it for you at very affordable prices. If you have complex, sophisticated artwork requirements, which exceed our capabilities, we have associates who can do this work for you, again at affordable prices.

Flash Interactive Graphics and Animation - Web sites can be more interesting, and hold your visitors interest longer, if they are interactive and contain animation. Over 90% of personal computers support Macromedia Flash, the standard for website animation and enhanced interactivity. We can create a simple animated logo or complex interactivity, depending on specific needs. An example of Flash animation can be see on one of our websites: While extensive use of Flash may be a little more expensive than conventional HTML, it can open up unlimited possibility on your website.

Custom On-line Databases - Your website can be made interactive and used to store and retrieve information in an on-line database. A blog is one example of an interactive website. An e-commerce or shopping cart application is another. We can also do fully custom databases and interfaces to them to meet your specific needs.

Search Engine Positioning and Increasing Your Visibility on the Internet - Once you have a website up and running, the next question is how do I get potential customers to visit, and how in general can I make myself visible and easy to find on the Internet. There are many things we can do to help. We can also assist you in tracking visitors to your site, how they found you, and even what pages they looked on your site. Let us help you get maximum exposure on the Internet!

Technical Stuff - This is a list of programming / design skills and software tools we use:

  • HTML, JavaScript, and CSS design using Macromedia Dreamweaver CS4
  • Artwork and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Animation and special effects using Flash V
  • Database and website interface using PHP and mySQL
  • High performance / complex / custom database applications using,
    MS Visual Studio, and MS SQL
  • Document publication using Adobe Acrobat
  • Blogs using WordPress; other Content Management using Joomla
  • Templete design and CSS optimization using Artisteer 2.1